Think summer, think sun, and all the things that can be done – the holidays, the vacations, the fresh warm air and time off from school and work. Summer brings families together from across the globe and the season is most preferred for events and gatherings. Heliophiles is the name given to people who love sunshine, and we are sure the world has more of them. So, unless you are from the equatorial or tropical zone, you are invariably a fan of the sun.

Summer is not bliss for everyone. It can mean hours of sweating, tiredness, skin eruptions and body odour, not to mention the insects, especially mosquitoes, and the sickness they bring.

We have nine hacks to help you enjoy the summer, like you own it.

Wear Light Coloured Cotton Clothes

Sounds so cliché, right? But we’d rather start with what works best. Light colours refract heat and keep the body cool, while cotton is a super-absorbent of sweat, drying it off quicker than any other material.

Cover Your Head

Never leave the house without an umbrella or a hat/scarf, and protect your eyes with dark sunglasses. If you ride a bike, make sure your helmet has a dark-tinted visor. Excessive exposure to the sun or its heat waves results in a sunstroke.

Let The Feet Breathe

It’s stressful to even think of walking in high heels, platforms and leather shoes on a hot summer day. If you are an office-goer, there’s not much of a choice, but otherwise, sandals for outings and flip-flips for casual shopping are super-comfy and allow the feet to breathe.

Infuse Water If You Like, But Carry It.

Dehydration is a common health hazard during the summer season, more because drinking water is the last thing on your mind when you are busy holidaying. So, our rule says “carry a bottle of water – summer or not”. If you can infuse water with slices of lemon, orange, cucumber or mint, nothing like it.

Use Disposable Tissues Instead Of Handkerchiefs

Compared to a handkerchief, good-quality disposable tissues do a much better job wiping off sweat and dirt. Tissues are now available as wet wipes and in refreshing and pleasant fragrances that restore moisture to the skin. Now go glow all day.

Take A Shower Twice A Day

You might have noticed that a simple shower becomes an exciting experience during summer. So, though we say twice here, just indulge yourself under the shower or in a bathtub as frequently as you can.

Use Sunscreen

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are harmful to bare skin. As staying indoors till summer has passed is not a viable solution, it is wise to use sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 to protect your skin. Just remember to dab it on at least half an hour before heading out, and to wash it off before going to bed.

Eat Light

Summer is a time when eating becomes relatively lesser and the craving for fluids increases. Nevertheless, keep meals light. Include water-based fruits like water melon, orange and lime, and vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. Curd, tender coconut water and juices are great summer coolers.

Keep The Surroundings Clear Of Stagnant Water

Our social responsibility teaches us to plant more greenery. We just need to do it without creating a habitat for mosquitoes. Invest in an efficient watering system where you can keep the plants in and the mosquitoes out.

Though at times the unreasonable heat of summer can drive you crazy, especially when on a family holiday or vacationing with a big gang, it is a season you will miss relishing if you don’t get your foot in the door and enjoy it.