Lockdowns and social distancing norms that were necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic led to increasing number of patients seeking online consultations from doctors. There are many web and mobile applications that provide a convenient interface for medical advice through video calls. As these calls usually have a time constraint, it is important to be prepared with all the required information before going into the call so that it is convenient for the physician to understand the problem and provide the right diagnosis and treatment.

1. Keep prior medical history ready. Particulars about allergies towards any medicine and information about food habits & life style should be kept ready.

2. Before consultation, basic medical data pertaining to the consulting person should be prepared. This data includes height, weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), body temperature, pulse rate, blood glucose levels, BP readings & heart rate.

3. Test reports related to blood or any other tests which have been recommended should be completed prior to the online consultation.

4. Records about current medical condition, as well as all symptoms must be kept ready before the consultation so that the complete details of the complaint are given to the doctor.

5. It is recommended to upload all the medical records and prescriptions in the portal before consultation so that the physician can access it during the consultation.

6. During video consultation, make sure that the room is well-lit, and the person consulting is facing the light source. This will help the doctor to have a clear image during consultation.

7. Ensure that you login well in advance and have a stable internet connection throughout the call.

8. Keep digital or net banking payment options ready, to make online payment for the consultation. Always make payment through verified payment methods.

9. Most of the applications have built-in online prescriptions formats. If not, request the doctor to send a digital copy of the signed prescription via email. This will be required to get medicines as well as to keep a track of the medication.

10. Make sure to keep records of all your online consultation for future reference if necessary.